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Heaters are commonly used during the winter and ignored the rest of the time. Heaters might be complex machine but, does need to be looked after no matter what. After all, we all depend on it to keep us warm and cozy during the winter. However, sometimes you might notice that the heater gives off a burning smell. This makes everyone get worried whether something is burning even when there is nothing placed on it.

This can happen for days or, it can also show up at any time that you are using it. There are different reasons why the heater can give a burning smell. In most cases that we see, the burning smell usually goes away by itself but, sometimes it doesn’t. Therefore, there are different causes why there is a burning smell and some of those reasons are:

May Be Its Dust In The Heater That Is Burning

This is a normal thing if you are facing a problem as such. One main reason this might be happening is the burning of the dust. This occurs usually during the first few sessions of the winter. You will have the heater stored up somewhere during the summer season. Therefore, when you turn it on for the first time during the winter season, all of the dust will burn to cause that smell. Once the layer of dust is gone, the smell will also wither away.

Having A Clogged Air Filterheater repair near me, water heater replacement near me, 

Not many people know that heaters also have an air filter. When you keep smelling something burning, then chances are that it is because of the clogged air filter. Therefore, the smell will also be coming due to the burning dust stuck in the air filter. There is also another reason for this. The burning smell can also come if the blower motor is overheating. Hence, it will eventually have to work harder because of the clogged air filter.

To get rid of the smell, you can easily change the air filter of your heater. Most people like to replace it every 2 or 3 months so that it is fresh and new. Hence, by doing this, you will also be maintaining your heater so no other problems arise.

Objects That Are Near To Heater

If there are any objects near the heater, then chances are that it is burning which is why it is producing the smell. Therefore, you should be aware of the objects that are near your heater. Some objects can catch on fire easily even if they are getting heat. These things can be blankets, toys, clothing as well as other things. Therefore, ensure you have everything far away from it.

Call A Appliance Professional To Confirm

There are other smells as well that a heater can give off such as a musty smell or an electrical burning smell as well. Hence, for those cases, you should call All Climate Solutions INC. We know everything about a heater, how to maintain it as well as fix anything wrong with it.

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