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Air Duct Repair

Air ducts are an important element in every central air conditioning and heating system. Damaged air ducts can drive your monthly energy costs through the roof and prevent your AC from doing its job. Dirty air ducts will affect the quality of the air in your house. That’s why All Climate Solutions INC (ACS) provides a range of air duct services that keep your duct system clean and efficient.

Air Duct Cleaning

It can be easy to ignore air ducts, especially because they’re designed to stay out of sight. However, it’s important to have proper cleaning and maintenance done on your ductwork to keep it working efficiently and prevent damage to the entire HVAC system. Over time, ductwork traps debris from your home that can clog the duct and reduce airflow if unchecked. With dust, pet hair, and dander in the way, the conditioned air from the unit can’t get where it needs to go. Having your ductwork cleaned every three to five years prevents debris buildup and improves indoor air quality so you can breathe easier in your home.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Leaky ducts significantly affect the ability of your system to operate properly and successfully. Up to 40% of the energy usage of your heating and air conditioning system could be wasted by duct leakage. That can take a major toll on your utility bill. When looking for the right HVAC expert, remember to ask for proper air duct testing. We offers a full range of air duct repair and sealing services that will keep your systems running efficiently and make your home a breath of fresh air.

Air Duct Repair with All Climate Solutions INC (ACS)

For experienced air duct repair in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, you can count on All Climate Solutions INC (ACS). We can keep your systems running efficiently all year, saving you money and keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer while breathing higher quality air.

All Climate Solutions INC (ACS) is committed to delivering world-class air conditioning services and systems at an affordable cost. Contact us today to find out about specials, financing and services that will improve the indoor air quality of your home.